For the first time in Bent County history, two women will serve as County Commissioner following last Tuesday's general election.

For the first time in Bent County history, two women will serve as County Commissioner following last Tuesday's general election.

Kim MacDonnell, a Republican, won the District 1 race, earning 1,382 votes to Dove Dunham's, unaffiliated, 444. MacDonnell served most recently as Director of Bent County Economic Development. Jean Sykes, also a Republican, won the District 3 race, earning a close victory over democrat Scott Curley 984-911.

MacDonnell and Sykes will join District 2 Commissioner Tom Wallace on the board. MacDonnell replaces term limited commissioner Bill Long and Sykes replaces term limited Lynden Gill.

Bent County voters also weighed in on local measures intended to raise their respective mill levy. Voters approved a mill levy increase for the Las Animas / Bent County Fire District 793-651 to finance shortfalls. Voters turned down a Bent / Prowers Cemetery mill levy increase 280-122, a measure which lost in Prowers County as well. Voters in Bent County also turned down a Wiley Fire District mill increase 48-39, although the measure passed districtwide.

Local voters went against the popular vote on a number of state and national races including the presidency, where Bent County favored Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton 1,166-581. Libertarian Gary Johnson earned 80 votes and Green Party nominee Jill Stein 19, while other votes were scattered for additional candidates. Clinton won the race statewide, while Trump won the national race.

Voters also preferred republican Daryl Glenn over incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet 1,015-794 in the race for U.S. Senate. Bennet won the race statewide. Voters rejected Amendment 70, which would increase the state minimum wage 1,119-764. The amendment passed statewide. Bent County rejected Proposition 107 to recreate a presidential primary 953-847, Proposition 106 to create medical aid in terminal circumstances, 1,010-838 and Proposition 108 to expand unaffiliated voting 1,068-756. All measures passed statewide.

Bent County followed suit statewide approving of Republican Ken Buck over Democrat Bob Seay in the race for U.S. House, District 4 1,187-618, Republican Larry Crowder over Democrat James Casias 1,227-562 in the race for State Senate, District 35 and Republican Kimmi Lewis over Democrat Kathleen Conway 1,214-627 for the open seat of State House, District 64 representative. Amendment 69, intended to create a state healthcare system fell in Bent County 1,607-242 as well as statewide, as did Amendment U, a proposed property tax exemption 1,244-544 and Amendment 72, which would increase tobacco taxes 1,436-455. Voters approved Amendment 71, promoting constitutional initiatives 1,292-545.