The Bent's Old Fort Candlelight Tours of an 1840s Christmas were filled up on Friday and Saturday nights. The tours are limited to 25 people due to the size of the individual rooms at Bent's Old Fort. There is always a waiting list for inclusion in the tour. Sign up by spring for next year's tours.

On Friday night, the reporter was lucky to be included with friend Lorene Marez, who had never been on the tour before. We saw the fort lit by firelight only, the dining room where a jolly dance broke out to music provided by traveling musicians, and many other events we won't soon forget, including a lively trade in the trading room.

Cooks in the kitchen were working on tamales, helped out by hunter Kit (John) Carson bringing in a real buffalo (well, cow) tongue for the meat. Billiard player Ed Stafford told us about the wooden billiard table and several other tales. We saw traders by their fires, military men sending provisions to stranded travelers, a few sidebars of medical treatment featuring Dr. Rick Wallner, the blacksmith shop, a family by the fireside, and ended with biscochitos and empanadas with hot apple cider in the trading room.