New officers took charge at the recent meeting of the Southern Colorado Antique Vehicles Club.

Outgoing president James Huff is away with a flash on down the road, and the new officers of the Southern Colorado Antique Vehicles Club are President Dan Wagner, Vice President Leonard Walgren, Secretary Chuck Donkle, Treasurer Bill Allen, Sunshine Lady Carol Allen and board members James Huff, Doug Bay and Larry Grant.

President Dan Wagner addressed his fellow members, "Fellow motor heads, as we embark on another year, I am thankful that we live in a country where our hobby is well accepted. Some of us have just our basic transportation and some of use have multiple (and sometimes very collectable) toys." The meeting on Tuesday evening was for the purpose of displaying and talking about those toys.

He continued, "If you see an interesting car or tractor (or maybe even motorcycle), stop and ask the owner if he or she would like to join our group. The more the merrier. Let's continue to promote good will with our shows and projects."

This club is devoted to having a good time with vehicles. The collections varied from an original pedal car shown by Jimmy Garcia to an everything Dukes of Hazzard collection by Leonard Walgren (of course he had the General Lee).