A new year and a new beginning for making changes in someone’s life. That change could be in an elder's life as well as your own.

A new year and a new beginning for making changes in someone’s life. That change could be in an elder's life as well as your own. I wanted to share with the readers a little about starting a career in the assisted living arena of adult care. There are many jobs available throughout the valley for those who are seeking employment. Oftentimes I am asked what is a QMAP?

I would like to share all that information so that when you consider this a field you would like to transition into, you will not feel intimidated. So here goes, and remember, if you have any questions feel, free to contact me. I will leave a contact number at the end of this article for you.

QMAP: Qualified Medication Administration Person

In order to work in an assisted living facility caring for the residents there you must be a QMAP. The QMAP administers medications to the residents, follows the orders from their doctor regarding their care. There are records kept by the QMAP signing off on all medications given and any other orders such as nebulizer treatments, blood pressures, temps, and making sure oxygen is being used as directed, etc. A QMAP day will start out passing morning medications. You may have a resident who needs TED hose put on for the day, you may have to set up a nebulizer treatment before breakfast, wake up calls or any other AM orders you may have for each resident. Depending on the size of assisted living you are working in, your duties may vary. For my facility we have only 12 apartments, therefore the census is not as large and the duties will vary. I will share more with you later about what additional duties in my facility a QMAP would have. But let’s move on to the big question: “How do I become QMAP?” I have had people talk to me about the position and I get comments made to me about “Oh, I couldn’t pass that test, it sounds hard” or “ I have a job and can’t take time off to go to school to get my QMAP.”

Well I want to share with you a few facts and give you information on what I can do to help you with that. To get your QMAP it takes two days! Yes just two days, one spent in class learning the process and the next day spent taking the test. The class will remind you of common sense knowledge. Most of us have taken medications, some have given their children medication or even an ill family member. Remember common sense along with the information instructors will teach you about signing off on the med sheets, reading a prescription accurately, measurements ( to insure proper dosage) of medications. What I can do to help you with obtaining your QMAP is print you off the study guides, hold study groups with you, providing we have at least 2 or 3 interested people. I can set up the actual class and testing in our area to make it much easier for those interested. Can’t get much easier than that now can it? Well just to take it one step further talk to me about reimbursement for your class if you work for me in my facility.

NEXT: You went through the QMAP class and congratulations, you passed the test and now you are QMAP by the State of Colorado. NOW the state requires you to also have a CPR certificate and first aid card. These two items will help you in everyday life as well as many other jobs you may want to try. They too are easy to accomplish. In Bent County you can get this certification at the Bent County Ambulance Barn when they have their classes, AVRMC offers the two classes as well. Each place has its own set rate so you would have to check on that. Or call me and I will have the information for you. SO, you have passed your QMAP and that is good for five years before you would have to re-certify which means take the test again. You have passed the courses for CPR and First Aid which are both good for two years. At that time you could also get your CPR and First Aid online on any American Heart Association site.

Now the cost: The cost for you to start a brand new career in the health field as QMAP. QMAP class is $55 for two day course. The CPR and First Aid would depend on where you went to get it. I have found it to be less than $40. So for an estimated cost of less than $100 you could easily be on your way to a new career, giving you pride in all you can do for others and receiving the appreciation, love and friendships you make along the way.

How does this sound so far. Sound like something you could enjoy?

There is such a huge demand for QMAP in our lower Arkansas Valley area. There are assisted livings in Lamar, Eads, Las Animas, La Junta and Rocky Ford. In Las Animas, which is the facility where I am administrator, has 12 apartments. We currently have 13 people living here. It is small, country style living with everyone watching out for everyone. We have an opening for QMAP as well. My name is Candice Patton, Prairie View Village, 456-1993. I am willing to do the study group with you, set up the classes for you and help you get on your way to a new and very rewarding career with very little cost to you. It’s a new year, people are out of work and I want you to know there are jobs in this field if you are willing to take the classes and prepare.

REMEMBER: Candice Patton 719-456-1993 for help obtaining the QMAP certification, CPR and First Aid and, of course, a tour of our facility.