The 20th Annual Rollin’ Along the Santa Fe Trail Auto Tour and 12th Bent on Birding Tour was the same week as the First Southeast Colorado Tourism Summit held at Otero Junior College. The pictures in this article are by Jill Smith of the Lamar area and were posted on her Nature Made Photography Facebook page.

“On a dark rainy, dreary, windy Friday,” wrote Smith, “I had an incredible experience, thanks to Duane Nelson and the Bent on Birding organization. In a sanctioned, accompanied tour, I was able to see the largest tern and the smallest tern in America - on the same day! For the sake of the birds, the shots are very distant under very difficult circumstances, but it was so wonderful to have this experience. Truly it was and will be a treasured experience for a long time to come. Thank you, Duane, for giving us your personal time and enormous expertise!”

Many additional birds were seen during the tour. The Swainson Thrushes will be passing through for a couple of weeks this spring. Some of the Western Wood Pewees will hang out here for the summer.