This year 16 members of the McClave FFA chapter attended the 89th annual State FFA Convention held in Pueblo, Colorado, at CSU Pueblo along with close to 50 or more other schools.

This year 16 members of the McClave FFA chapter attended the 89th annual State FFA Convention held in Pueblo, Colorado, at CSU Pueblo along with close to 50 or more other schools. From competing against each other to exchanging Snapchats and numbers it's a great experience I believe every FFA member should partake in. As a freshman I'm so glad I got to attend and compete. I got to watch the parliamentary procedure team and compete on quiz bowl teams.

But the coolest part about this convention was all the energy in the air. There was no way you could not be happy at this convention. The way everyone cheered for the officers and the energy evident the whole time — it's like it was contagious. Before I got there I was nervous, but the minute we stepped foot on CSU campus I was instantly happy. There is no other feeling like it and no other place to find it and that is absolutely, hands-down the most unique and amazing thing about our organization. The second coolest thing was the retiring remarks from all the former state officers. The way they told their stories and turned it into a lesson teaching us all the ways we can elevate not just ourselves but others as well, not just as FFA members but as people and leaders is the second coolest thing ever. When former Colorado State President Gus Gill gave his retiring remarks I don't think there was a dry eye in the convention hall. Whether it was a personal connection or just a empathetic connection, everyone was touched by his speech. I certainly was. But that was not all that happened at state convention.

There were competitions in LED’s, and in social media. There is also a talent show and inspirational speakers. There was so much you couldn’t possibly cover it in one article. And we can't forget the awards ceremonies. With over 200 members receiving their state degrees, eight members being from McClave. The members of the McClave chapter that received their state degrees were graduated seniors James and Jeanette Steerman, Dillon Roesch, Jake Trujillo, Tatum Chase, Jackson Spady, Steven Weber, and Airn Write. We are very proud of our members for accomplishing this task. We are also proud of Brooke Bronimen, Maveric Lightey and Ryely Smartt for applying and receiving scholarships from the state and local alumni for an amazing trip to Washington, D.C., for the annual Washington Leadership Conference. The competitions that our chapter participated in were parliamentary procedure, quiz bowl, prepared speaking and extemporaneous speaking. Jeanette Steerman competed in prepared speaking and Dillion Roesch competed in extemporaneous speaking. Both taking silver in their competition. Our parly pro team took gold, while the freshmen quiz bowl team took silver, after a loss to SoRoCo in the second round. But our biggest and most meaningful competition was the one that Dillion Roesch competed in. He competed against 16 other FFA members from around Colorado for a position on the Colorado state FFA team. Even though we did not get the outcome we were hoping to make the team. We were hoping for state president but we ended up as sentinel, which is still very good. When I spoke to Dillon after the induction ceremony he said that he was a little disappointed that he didn’t get president but he was very happy to be sentinel. And we are very proud of our former chapter president and can't wait to see him as our current state sentinel.

So if you have the chance to attend state convention, you should. You don’t have to compete to attend. All you have to do as a member is pay a $75 dollar deposit for registration and you may attend. But anyhow I truly recommend that anyone with the chance to go to state convention do so. You won't regret it because it is such a great learning opportunity. Can't wait to see you next year at the 90th annual Colorado State FFA Convention.