District 3 commissioner Lynden Gill received a majority of votes cast Tuesday to be reelected to a third term as Bent County Commissioner.

District 3 commissioner Lynden Gill received a majority of votes cast Tuesday to be reelected to a third term as Bent County Commissioner. Gill, the Democratic incumbent, received 806 total votes to Republican challenger Kirk Reyher, 619, and Independent Colleen Piatt, 422. Bill Long was reelected as District 1 commissioner unopposed with 1,391 total votes, as was Bent County Treasurer, Republican Peggy Fritz with 1,585 votes.

Countywide, Bent County voters preferred Republican Mitt Romney (1,053) to Barack Obama (778) in the race for United States president. Actress Roseanne Barr lead third party candidates with nine votes. Obama won the popular vote statewide and nationally, winning reelection to a second term.

In the race for District Attorney, Republican James R. Bullock earned the nod locally with 923 votes to Democrat Dan Hyatt's 858. Districtwide, Bullock was appointed to the seat, with 4,508 total votes to Hyatt's 3,289.
Republican Cory Gardner won re-election to the Unites States House of Representatives representing District 4, winning the local and districtwide race. Gardner totaled 1,042 votes in Bent County and 4,119 districtwide to Democratic challenger Brandon Schaffer, who received 668 votes in Bent County and 3,337 district wide. American Constitutional Party representative Doug Aden received 59 votes in Bent County and Libertarian Josh Gilliland received 34 votes.

Republican Larry Crowder defeated Democrat Crestina Martinez both locally and districtwide in a very tight race to determine the District 35 State Senate seat. Crowder received 936 votes in Bent County to Martinez's 809 and 3,897 districtwide to Martinez's 3,713. Libertarian William Bartley received 80 votes in Bent County.

Republican Tim Dore defeated Libertarian Nick Schneider 1,131-469 in Bent County and with 95 percent reporting as of press time, leads 24,044-7,549 for the District 64 State House of Representatives seat.

Republican Pamela Mazanec defeated Libertarian Steven Ray Dellinger 1,135-468 locally in the race for District 4 State Board of Education representative and with 88 percent reporting as of press time, leads the overall race 207,165-79,518. Republican Brian Davidson receieved 899 Bent County votes for Colorado University Regent at Large, while Democrat Stephen C. Ludwig earned 668, Libertarian Daniel Ong, 67, and American Constritution Party Representative Tyler Belmont, 59. With 76 percent reporting, Ludwig leads the race over Davidson, 1,020,583-969,569.

Amendment 64, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana, was voted down in Bent County by a slim margin, 932-913. However, Amendment 64 passed statewide with 54.3 percent approval from Colorado voters. Amendment 65, which limits election spending was approved in Bent County 1,240-561, as well as statewide.

Local voters opted to retain 16th Judicial District Judge M. Jon Kolomitz (1,205-483) and Bent County Judge Mark A. Macdonnel (1,393-397). Additionally, Bent County voted to retain Colorado Supreme Court judge Nathan Coats (1,087-500), and Court of Appeals judges Laura Booras (1,068-494), James S. Casebolt (1,064-495), Dennis A. Graham (1,049-501), Gale T. Miller (1,063-487), Daniel Marc Taubman (1,069-480), and John R. Webb (1,065-480).