City Attorney Phil Malouff approached the Utilities Board with the idea that Swink will soon be asking to connect with the La Junta Water Department.

City Attorney Phil Malouff approached the Utilities Board with the idea that Swink will soon be asking to connect with the La Junta Water Department. Director Joe Kelley requested that the Swink City Council submit a letter.
Once again, La Junta will have a Christmas Lighting Contest. The prizes are first place, $300; second place, $200; third place, $100. The town lights up and makes for an excellent auto tour with the little ones aboard.

A full complement of commissioners was present, along with La Junta city staff, City Manager Rick Klein, Assistant City Manager Bill Jackson, Financial Director Patty Hurt and City Attorney Phil Malouff, and also the heads of the all the departments, Joe Kelley, Reuben DeLeon and Dan Eveatt.

Water and Wastewater
A serious sewer main blockage between Smithland and Cimarron near 12th street caused a section of the sewer to be dug up to get it flowing again, with Work Force Inc. called in to camera the line. A highly contributing factor was 10 feet of a 100-foot sewer snake/tape/rodder dangling in the sewer main. Work Force pulled out about 100 feet of the snake. In most cases the customer or a plumber contacts the Water and Wastewater Department if something like this happens, but in this case the department was not notified. The metal snake caught debris and solids which Kelley believes would otherwise have been washed on down the system. The main had been cleaned in August and found to have no cause for imminent failure.

The new bar screen is scheduled for installation starting the week after Thanksgiving. Annual jet-rodding is about 95 percent done with an expected completion the end of this week, said Kelley.

Service lines and meter pits at 10th and Smithland and at 14th and San Juan were replaced. The cause of unexpected shutoffs of the reverse osmosis C was discovered and the unneeded control switch which was defective was removed. Well #10 has developed a bad vibration and may need the pump pulled and repaired. The distribution crew disconnected an abandoned service line at Second and Smithland this week.

Christmas lighting contest
The Christmas lights were hung early this year so that they would be on for the People’s Christmas Tree celebration on Monday night. The crew has finished working on the light fixtures that were damaged in the last hail storm which took out about 120 fixtures or photo eyes. They have finished with the tree trimming for the season with about 1025 hours, which is fewer hours than last year.
In other work, the crew replaced a pole that was hit by a van at 10th and Rice and relocated the pole onto the Junior High Property at the request of the school district. The relocation will give them better access to the sidewalk.

The line crew has trenched in new primary line and added a 500 KVA transformer in preparation for the new heat treatment building at Lewis Bolt and Nut. The Santa Fe took an outage so Main Electric of Pueblo could come in and do some necessary repairs. The crew has been doing some line maintenance on the G-52 20 which is the Gardner Sub feed out toward Walmart.

The power plant crew completed retrofit of interior lighting in the motor pool building. They rewired the new pump motor at the 22nd Street ball field, wired a new furnace in the hood at the sewer plant and repaired the grit system at the sewer plant. They repaired, replaced or wired various lighting, fixtures and outlets.
Also, the crew attended an electrical hazards seminar in Denver.

Alley cleanup is continuing. It was delayed by other projects (the storm). They are on the section from 10th Street to 22nd and Colorado to Best, between Cimarron and Raton.