Matthew Perry mocks Angus T. Jones' now-infamous YouTube rant against Two and a Half Men in a new Funny or Die video, but the Friends alum also takes a few big shots at himself.

In the video, posted Thursday, Perry urges the public not to watch his NBC comedy Go On because it's a "complete abomination with terrible morals." Perry then reminds viewers that he started this trend long before Jones - when he had a spiritual awakening of the Jewish variety back in 2006 and told people to stop watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. "Now that video was very successful. No one watched that show," he says of the commercial flop from Aaron Sorkin.

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However, Perry's video is interrupted by his Go On co-star Brett Gelman, who gets Perry to apologize by bribing him with Percocets (Perry suffered an addition to pain killers in the '90s and early aughts.)

Watch the full video:

Matthew Perry's Testimony (Pt.2) from Matthew Perry

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