Monday, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Tag — the company's customizable QR code alternative — is shutting down in August 2015.

To which the tech world replied, "Wait ... QR codes are still a thing?" (The answer is yes. Gillette even incorporated the Rorschach-like, black-and-white, scannable blocks on a recent Kate Upton ad.)

Scanbuy is taking over the support for Microsoft's Tag technology next month.

Even though some research has shown that people are increasingly scanning QR codes, Aaron Strout at Marketing Land predicted that 2013 will be the last year of the QR code. "What I haven’t been able to find are statistics that show repeat usage," Strout wrote. "My guess is that there is a reason for that."

To reinforce the point, we have collected some of the worst QR code mishaps ever.

When QR Codes get 3-D.

Scanning the weapon code might lead to a cavity search.

What's more likely: that this was done in Silicon Valley or Williamsburg?

Is this really the most effective way to find a lost dog?

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