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Google cofounder Sergey Brin is separated from his wife of six years and dating a Google employee. Brin's new girlfriend used to date Hugo Barra, an executive at Google who was working on Android... but left Android to work at Xiaomi. Twitter acquired Trendrr, a social media tracking startup. Oracle poached a leading sales person from  Twitter updated how it displays conversations and people are freaking out because they think it looks terrible. Here's a problem with Apple's new iPhone software: The animations for opening apps are way too slow.  The English language continues to, erm, evolve, as Twerk and Srsly are now real words. Cloud computing is crushing the servers businesses of companies like HP. This chart explains why Steve Ballmer is out: Mobile devices exploded while PCs stagnated. Nintendo is offering a pretty cheap — $129 — handheld gaming device for the fall.

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