Warning: There are spoilers ahead. 

Last night's season six premiere of "Sons of Anarchy" culminated in a shocking school shooting.

Near the end of the episode an 11-year-old walked into a school with a gun. 

Viewers didn't witness any shooting firsthand, they heard the sound of gunshots while viewing the child's notebook of jarring notes and pictures.

While creator Kurt Sutter has spoken out on his reasoning behind including the controversial scene, the shooting left many viewers unsure what to make of the season premiere.

It wasn't the only shocking moment to come from a premiere filled with rape and deaths.

Reactions to the episode were mixed from viewers.

Some thought the inclusion of the shooting was horrible:

I love SOA but that kid shooting up a school was horrible, pointless and a terrible influence

— Steven Riley (@SGottii810) September 11, 2013

that shooting scene was so uncomfortable to watch and i still don't understand its significance. #soa

— Maggie O'Reilly (@maggieeeo) September 11, 2013

I don't even watch SOA. I came home and caught the end of it and I'm so disturbed. All I saw was that creepy book and shooting.