News on Russell Johnson, an Ohio execution and a flying car.


Quote of note

"He died at home, peaceful, in his sleep at 5:21 a.m. today. [He was] a very brave guy who knew what he wanted, and he wanted to be at home." - Constance Johnson, wife of Russell Johnson, who played the Professor on “Gilligan’s Island.” Russell Johnson, 89, died of kidney failure. He served in World War II before acting, eventually landing the role of Professor Roy Hinkley.

News to know

Ohio executed Dennis McGuire today, and reports say the man convulsed and gasped for 10 minutes before he died. The state was using a new drug combination because the European manufacturer of the drug previously used in executions denied its usage in the U.S. McGuire’s attorneys argued before the execution that the new drug would cause him to suffer, but the state disagreed.   

Hot video: Flying car spreads its wings in Slovakia

Mankind's dream of flight is taking off with a new twist as a Slovak prototype of a flying car spreads its wings, designed and built by Stefan Klein and inspired by the dreamy books of Jules Verne and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


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