M&M's is putting its Yellow character, mascot for the brand's peanut M&M's, front and center at this year's Super Bowl. 

In a teaser video for an ad at this year's game, the Yellow M&M is seen twerking on-camera when he is hit with a tranquilizer dart.

The Yellow M&M then crumples to the ground and is dragged off-screen by an unseen, off-camera character. Viewers are told they can find out what happens to Yellow next on Feb. 2, the date of this year's Super Bowl. 

In making the teaser, M&M's could be attempting to tap into the pop culture phenomenon of "twerking," a dance marked by frequent butt-shaking that reached the mainstream when singer Miley Cyrus did it in a salacious performance at MTV's Video Music Awards in August.

M&M's will carry this narrative into its 30-second Super Bowl ad, which will be created by its ad agency, BBDO New York. 

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