Spring break may bring memories of “Beach Blanket Bingo” or of youth adventures, or even thoughts of college kids partying way too hard. After surviving a cold winter, spring break is a time to get away and enjoy yourself in a warmer climate.
“Whatever your interests are, that’s what drives where spring break will be,” said Ed Perkins, contributing editor to SmarterTravel.com.
For some boomers, spring break may mean indoor activities and a flight to London to see two shows a day, or a trip to Vegas, Perkins said. If you like the outdoors, spring break can mean beaches or skiing or golf.
Not all boomers want to take it easy, though.
“The boomers are in better shape than their previous counterparts, so many do look for adventure like zip-lining, scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking and skiing,” said Liz Dahl, founder of Boomer Travel Patrol in Louisville, Ky. “If they’re in good shape, not too much stops them.”
But as people age, they are looking for something different than party-hardy younger crowds or even families with children, Dahl said.
“They want to have fun, but still want to remember the good times they had. Most of us have had those college spring break trips and have graduated to new experiences,” Dahl said.

Places to avoid
Some places pack in the college crowds, like Cancun, Mexico or Galveston, Texas, Perkins said: “These are place the kids congregate, and there can be enough of them there being rowdy and immature to ruin the experience.”
One of the worst spring break horror stories Perkins has heard involved a Boomer couple trapped on a party cruise filled with college kids. “They were stuck,” said Perkins, who advised Googling your spring break destination to be sure it’s a good fit.
Want to steer clear of the raunchy party scene? It’s good to know dates to avoid. Some colleges start spring break as early as the last week in February, and the party runs through the end of March. Hands-down, the two busiest weeks are March 10-17 and March 17-21, according to TripSmarter.com.
Last year’s top 10 “trashiest” spring break destinations for college students, according Coed Magazine, starting from the top are: Las Vegas; South Padre Island, Texas; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Orlando, Fla.; Lake Havasu, Ariz.; Miami; Panama City Beach, Fla.; Key West, Fla.; and Fort Myers, Fla.
If family-friendly vacation spots are a thing of the past, skip vacation spots such as Disney World or the Wisconsin Dells, heavily visited national parks and Washington, D.C. While college kids claim the bigger beach towns, families flock to higher-priced, destination-type resorts such as those on Amelia Island and the Treasure Coast in Florida. The Travel Channel marks the following as top family spring break destinations: Paradise Island, Bahamas; Steamboat Springs, Colo.; San Diego, Calif.; and Captiva Island, Fla.

Better options
But don’t despair, there are plenty of ideal cruises, beach and ski vacations ideal for boomers. Here are a few tips: Avoid the big ski hills or head to inland Mexico. And, a cozy bed and breakfast can be a pleasant alternative to a weeklong break.
“There are off-season bargains in Europe, except for winter sports destinations,” Dahl said. “Paris and London would be ideal. Costa Rica is a good adventure and beach destination. Bermuda is not the warmest this time of year (mid-60s) but there are beaches, lovely scenery and perfect for golf, tennis and hiking and no college crowd.”