UK market research and polling company YouGov has released a fascinating tool where you can search for any brand, famous personality, sports team, political leader, or music artist and find out what differentiates their customers and fans from the rest of the pack.

We plugged in two of the the most polarizing brands in tech: Apple and the Google-owned Android to see how their customers differ. The received wisdom is that Apple owners tend to have more spare cash and tend to be from a higher social grade than people with Android phones.

The YouGov tool proves this hypothesis to be correct, but it also throws up some other fascinating differentiators: Who knew that Apple owners were big Beyonce fans while Android users prefer cheeky chappy Olly Murs, for example? Or that Apple fans are split right down the middle when it comes to their politics, while Android users lean far to the left?

Weve picked out some of the more interesting characteristics that set Apple and Android users apart. To make it clear, the app does not show the "typical" fan or customer, but rather what is "particularly true" about a group. Customers were compared to their natural comparison set to see which of the thousands of YouGov's datapoints most overscore in their target group so what the app shows are likes of things that were disproportionately popular in that data set. More information on the methodology can be found here.

The Apple user is a 25 to 39-year-old female in social grade ABC1, a job in media and publishing or marketing with more than 1,000 disposable cash. She's likely to live in the most expensive regions of the UL: London, central Scotland or along the south coast. And she's split right down the middle when it comes to political leaning.

Meanwhile, customers of Android are more likely to be younger males who live in the poorest parts of the UK. His political preferences lean far to the left and he's likely to have a job in IT, media and publishing or energy and utilities. But he's probably at the lowest rung of his career ladder with less than 125 to spend each month.

Tied in first place for an Apple owner's favorite dish are grilled halloumi and nachos. Meanwhile, Android owners apparently prefer (bizarrely, considering everything we know about their income) roast pigeon. When it comes to media, Apple owners are big Guardian and Grazia readers. They only watch around 1 to 5 hours of TV every week (they spend more of their time online 31-35 hours a week), consuming shows like Made In Chelsea and the Great British Bake Off.

Our Android guy, meanwhile, watches a shed-load of TV. He spends more than 50 hours per week watching shows like The Simpsons and ITV drama Cilla. He's online slightly less than our Apple lady (21-25 hours per week) and will be seen reading newspapers like The Scotsman and magazines like The New Scientist.

Apple customers extend their expensive taste to other brands. They're most likely to do their weekly food shop at Waitrose (an upmarket UK supermarket) and are likely to be seen wearing clothes from Hollister, Miss Selfridge and John Lewis. Aside from Apple products you're likely to see Dyson, Nintendo and Sony products around their households. And they'll often be found driving BMWs.

Android fanboys, meanwhile, have an eye for a bargain. They shop at the Wal-Mart-owned Asda (which prides itself on being a cheaper alternative to the other big four supermarkets in the UK) and are likely to be seen wearing clothes from discounter TK Maxx and high street stores like Monsoon and Gap. And you're most likely to see an Android owner cruising the streets in a Nissan.

When it comes to entertainment, customers of Apple are pretty mainstream in their tastes.

Favorite movies: Home Alone, Love Actually, Frozen, The Tourist, Gravity.

Favorite TV shows: Friends, Sex And The City, Modern Family, The Inbetweeners, Breaking Bad.

Favorite music artists: Beyonce, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Ne-yo, Foo Fighters.

Favorite celebrities: Gary Barlow, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Graham Norton, Simon Cowell.

Android owners, on the other hand, have some more unusual top entertainment picks.

Favorite movies: Kelly's Heroes, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Coraline, The Italian Job, Brassed Off.

Favorite TV shows: Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure, 8 Simple Rules, Animal 24:7, What The Ancients Did For Us, Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers.

Favorite Music Artists: Olly Murs, James Blunt, Cannonball Adderly, Pet Shop Boys, Rita Ora.

Favorite Celebrities: John Noakes, Phil Harding, Samantha Bond, Buster Keaton, Penelope Wilton.

An Apple owner's most likely pet? A fish.

Android owners prefer dogs.

But the ultimate test: what the two tribes are like personality-wise.

Apple fans describe themselves as "clever, funny and confident," but on occasion they are "control-freaky, headstrong and insecure." Perhaps you'd rather hang out with Mr Android. He describes himself as "kind, calming and a worrier," but occasionally "withdrawn, needy and nerdy."

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