Bill Gross' new employer thinks he's Peyton Manning.

A profile of Bill Gross' new employer Janus Capital  from Bloomberg's Mary Childs finds the Colorado-based investment manager comparing Gross that state's favorite athlete: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. 

"Bill Gross is our Peyton Manning, that game-changing level of talent for us," Janus CEO Richard Weil told Childs. "People are looking at us."

As Bloomberg's Matt Levine noted on Friday, the football metaphor adds to Bill Gross' already-known comparisons to race horse Secretariat and basketball star Kobe Bryant. 

And this latest report from Childs comes after her must-read profile of Gross' last days at PIMCO published earlier this month, which revealed the tensions brewing between Gross and his PIMCO colleagues.

Earlier this week, we heard from Gross in a TV interview with CNBC, in which he said that TIPS "look great" just a week after rival star bonds investor Jeffrey Gundlach said "TIPS are for losers."

You can read Childs' full report here

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