Hershey is making a big move away from candy.

The chocolate empire just agreed to purchase KRAVE Pure Foods, Inc., the company behind KRAVE jerky.

This is part of Hershey's quest to become a bigger force in the snacking industry.

Michele G. Buck, North American president at Hershey, said the company's simple ingredients appeal to modern consumers: 

“KRAVE jerky is a great fit to our portfolio and overall snacks and adjacencies strategy ... The KRAVE brand delivers on portable and protein nutrition while also understanding consumers’ food preferences, including the desire for simple ingredients and transparency, something that is also a part of Hershey’s strategic vision. We are excited to add KRAVE jerky’s unique, chef-inspired products and be a part of this transformational category.”

KRAVE jerky includes flavors such as sweet chipotle, black cherry barbecue, chili lime, and pineapple orange.

The company posted a photo of chocolate-covered jerky on its Facebook page:

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