Different athletes need different gym bags.

We put together a list of five great on-sale options depending on what you're looking for.

Whether you're a heavy-duty athlete, a golfer, or just need something for your weekly trek to the gym we've got it here.

Adidas Golf duffel bag

If you're a golf person, here's the duffel bag for you. 

The bag comes with four pockets, including a dry/wet storage compartment. 

The dark green color gives the bag a slightly more sophisticated feel compared to your average neon-colored gym bag.

Price: $59.99 $34.99 [42% off]

Adidas Scorch Team duffel bag

The Scorch Team duffel bag is what you'll want for day-long athletic events or tournaments.

Plus, on one end of the bag there's a separate and ventilated wet/dry compartment, which will keep your things nice and fresh.

Price: $65.00 $45.76 [30% off]

Adidas Climaproof Menace duffel bag

The Climaproof Menace is the best option for casual gym goers. It's locker-sized and has 5 separate compartments to keep you things together neatly.

The base of the bag is water resistant, which means that your things won't get gross after sitting on the gym floor.

Price: $85.00 $69.99 [18% off]

Adidas Team Wheel bag

If you need something that's way more durable than your average gym bag, then the Team Wheel is what you want.

Price: $150.00 $109.15 [27% 0ff]

Under Armour Women's Escape Duffel

This Under Armour duffel is lined with pockets, which makes it easier to separate dirty clothes and shoes from your clean things.

Additionally, it comes with a clear, removable pouch that can be used for makeup and other toiletries.

Price: $49.99 $38.44 [23% off]

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