"Mad Men" finally comes to an end this weekend, with the seventh and final season's finale airing on Sunday May 17 at 10pm on AMC.

To celebrate/commemorate AMC has put out one final ad building up to the finale, which looks back at all the memorable moments from the show. We first spotted it on Vulture, and we've collected some GIF highlights below.

The trailer is set to Paul Anka's "Times of Your Life," which The Wall Street Journal points out is "fitting," considering it was also made famous by the 1970s Kodak ad campaign (and who can forget Don Draper's memorable Kodak "Carousel" pitch in the very first season of the show?)

And it also turns the spot into a bit of a tear-jerker, as it chronicles Sterling Cooper and the Draper family's best — and most emotional — bits.

Like Don lovingly filming his family.

Betty looking stunning.

All our favorite members of the Sterling Cooper clan.

THIS dance.

This smooch.

And this wistful goodbye.

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