Copenhagen-based home-decor brand Flying Tiger has been called the "IKEA of junk."

In some ways, it's true: The chain's first US outpost in New York City's Flatiron neighborhood has a modern, white-walled design that reminds us of the world's largest furniture retailer. Customers snake through one continuous aisle that wraps around the store, a layout similar to IKEA's.

Flying Tiger focuses on much smaller and quirkier tchotchkes, rather than ready-to-assemble furniture. And the prices are unbelievably low. Most items cost between $1 and $4.

Here are the 10 coolest (read: weirdest) items you can buy at Flying Tiger.

Your paper clips should be conversation starters. Burger and condiment clips run for just a $1 per pack. Need a matching kitchen timer to go with those paper clips? Flying Tiger had lots of food-related items, such as these chocolate bar-inspired note pads. If you prefer your bars to be made of gold, these $2 magnets are for you. We saw notebooks made of fake wood, too, but these googly-eyes pads were our favorite. Kitsch is Flying Tiger's specialty. A whole wall was dedicated to mustache memorabilia. These massage rollers, shaped like potted plants, were too cute. Many of the products have practical applications, too. You'll never misplace your glasses again with this $3 nose-shaped holder. It's difficult to lose a pen when it's hanging on your fridge. Step aside, Container Store. These vertical salad containers cost just $3 a pop.  Store your magazines in a $5 bin made of magazines. These veggie peelers look like old-school pencil sharpeners. The mix and match candle wall has votive holders and sticks in varying shapes and colors.

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