On Thursday, The Colorado Humane Society & SPCA (CHS) assisted the Department of Agriculture and Rocky Ford Animal Control in removing 50 cats and kittens from a property in Rocky Ford, Colo. The owner of the cats was a breeder who failed a required inspection by the Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) and relinquished the cats to CHS.

The cats, which are all purebred Siamese and Balinese, were transported to the Dumb Friends League and the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, where they will be evaluated and placed up for adoption.

“We’re thankful that PACFA and the Rocky Ford Police Department could intervene in this situation, and that we could quickly be on the scene and get these cats into an environment that is safe and where they can get the care they deserve,” said Katrina Schou, manager of field services for CHS.