After a 9-year reconstruction process, the 16th-century Ferhadija grand mosque in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was recently re-opened 23 years after it was destroyed by Bosnian Serb militiamen as a part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing. During the process, original stones from the building were dug up from rubbish dumps and riverbeds where they had been dumped in an effort my Bosnian Serb militiamen to remove all traces of the city’s Muslim heritage. Former head of the Sarajevo architecture faculty, Muhamed Hamidovic led the restoration and used his personal sketches to help rebuild the mosque. About 65 percent of the original material was recovered and was then filled in with stones from the original quarries used in the 16th century.
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Half of American adults say that the Bible is the key to better politics. In its annual “State of the Bible” survey, the American Bible Society found that 51 percent of American adults said politics would be more civil if politicians engaged in regular Bible reading, and 53 percent said politicians would be more effective if they read the Bible on a regular basis. The study also found that 46 percent of adults said they wish the Bible had a greater influence on society.
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“Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny” by Christine Caine
In “Unashamed,” Caine reveals the often-hidden consequences of shame — in her own life and the lives of so many Christian women — and invites you to join her in moving from a shame-filled to a shame-free life. In her passionate and candid style, Caine leads you into God’s word where you will see for yourself how to believe that God is bigger than your mistakes, your inadequacies, your past, and your limitations.
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sadhana: Pronounced “SAAD-han-aa.” In Hinduism, religious practice that is undertaken on a regular basis for the purpose of purifying oneself to gain wisdom, devotion or enlightenment.
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According to the CIA World Factbook, the religious makeup of Bosnia and Herzegovina is:
— Muslim: 40 percent
— Orthodox: 31 percent
— Roman Catholic: 15 percent
— Other: 14 percent
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