Billie Jean and Gina’s tails didn’t stop wagging.

Billie Jean is a bit more gregarious, and outgoing. She happily trots from one person to another, seeking affection.

Gina is a little more reserved. But after a while, she too is receiving love and attention from everyone in the room.

The twin, 6-month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups were excited to greet the residents at Brookdale El Camino, an assisted living facility located at 4723 Surfwood Ln.

Billie Jean and Gina’s owners Scott Chaussee and Bernadette Alishio first began bringing their puppies to the facility a few months back.

While on a stroll with the dogs, Chaussee and Alishio saw the facility and thought it’ be a great idea to bring Billie and Gina for a visit.

“We just live a couple of blocks from here, and we were just walking by one day and came in and just pitched it to them,” Chaussee said. “They loved the idea.”

The twin spaniels have been beloved by the residents ever since.

Chaussee and Alishio bring the dogs in to spend around a half an hour every couple of weeks during a weekday afternoon.

The residents gather in the activities room where they pet, cuddle and receive kisses from the dogs.

“I love when they come in,” said Brookdale resident Paulette Johnson. “Billie Jean remembers me and I like to hold her and hug her.

"She gives me kisses.”

Chaussee has loved the breed of dog for nearly two decades, after owning his first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel while living in San Francisco.

While in California, he brought is dogs to assisted living facilities as well. As an advocate for the elderly, Chaussee feels it’s important to spread joy to communities in places like Brookdale El Camino.

“ I just really appreciate the elderly population,” he said. “Both of our mothers are deceased and were in a facility. I find that we can’t say enough about giving them dignity and living their final stages with dignity.”

Brookdale El Camino Activities Director Kim Robinson jumped at the chance to have the dogs come in.

Pet therapy is a common practice at the facility, and is beneficial to all, said Robinson.

“We have wonderful individuals who come in and share their loving pets with our residents,” Robinson said. “It helps (our residents) because it brings joy and makes their hearts feel warm. It uplifts their spirits. It really very much is endearing for a lot of our residents. A lot of them don’t have pets, or have lost pets, this really helps them all around.”

The visits are beneficial for the dogs, too.

Any opportunity for Billie Jean and Gina to socialize with people is important as puppies.

“We take them - there’s a little park we go to - and we take them to the Riverwalk,” Chaussee said. “Whenever they can socialize with people, it’s important.”

Chaussee and Alishio benefit, too.

The half-hour visits allow them to socialize and give back to the community. And it only costs them a short, 15-minute walk.

It’s a win-win for all involved, as Robinson puts it.

“It helps the residents but it also brings the individuals - who have their pets - and it makes them feel good,” she said. “It means a lot to me because they’re trying to contribute and use their time to give back not only to our community, but our residents.”

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