The 79th Annual La Junta Kids Rodeo and Race event wrapped up on Sunday at the Kids Rodeo Grounds with six competitors from the local area winning all-around saddles.

Half of the winners also won championships last year. Dray Hall of Cheraw and Delaney Bond defended the junior girls and tiny tot girls titles respectively, while Wailey Sharon of Ordway, who won the titny tot boys championship last year, won the junior boys' saddle this year,

The other three all-around winners were Josh Adams of Kim, who won the senior boys' championship, Dolly Diodosio of Fowler, who won the senior girls' championship, and Maverick Barrett of Ordway, who won the tiny tot boys' championship.

The runners-up in each of the divisions were Miles Rader of Las Animas in the senior boys, Blake Ramsey of Cheraw in the senior girls, Braxton O'Bryan of Lamar in the junior boys, Samantha Cordo of Pueblo in the junior girls, Gunner Hughes of Olney Springs in the tiny tot boys and Isabelle Schier of Wild Horse in the tiny tot girls.

Rader was last year's all-around boys' winner.

Adams also won the senior boys jockey championship and Sharon also took the junior boys jockey titles. The other jockey championships were won by Chaney McCuistion of Olney Springs in the senior girls and Kara Kissel of Genoa in the junior girls.

Winners of arena championships included Diodosio in the senior girls, O'Bryan in the junior boys, Cordo in the junior girls, Barrett in the tiny tot boys and Bond in the tiny tot girls. The other arena champion was Christian Ptolemy of La Junta in the senior boys.

Adams dominated on the track as he won all of the races in which he competed — the 3/8-mile race, the 220-yard race and the three-horse relay.

Ptolemy won the only other senior boys champion as he took chute dogging in a two-day combined time of 26.15 seconds. There were two other finalists, but they did not record a time.

There were no contestants in bareback riding. There were no qualified rides in bull riding and no qualified catches in tie-down roping.

The senior girls races included wins by Chaney McCuistion in the 3/8-mile and 220-yard races. Ramsey won the 14-hand race.

In the arena events, Maddie Thompson of Wiley won pole bending in 43.848 seconds, Shaelyn Walton of Trinidad won goat tying in 20.91 and she also won breakaway roping in 8.23 and Jaylynn Tortorelli of Trinidad won barrel racing in 36.502.

Tortorelli and Walton were also the winners in senior team roping. They had only one successful catch in 16.49 seconds. Only one other team advanced to the finals.

Junior boys races included Sharon winning the 3/8-mile race and the small pony race. Crowley McCuistion of Olney Springs won the 220-yard race.

In the arena for the junior boys, Crowley McCuistion won pole bending in 48.691, Bryson Carroll of La Junta won goat tying in 23.16 and breakaway roping in 16.84 and Brandt Walton of Trinidad won the flag race in 21.198.

Junior girls track events saw Kara Kissell win the 3/8-mile race and the small pony race. Dray Hall took the 220-yard race.

Junior girls arena events saw Dray Hall win pole bending in 46.883, Alyssa Winford of Branson won goat tying in 36.505, Paige Eaks of Pueblo West won the flag race in 20.017, Jolie Bond of Rocky Ford won breakaway roping with a single catch of 6.90 and Bianca O'Bryan of Lamar won barrel racing in 36.399.

The tiny tot Shetland Pony races were won by Gunner Hughes and Jerni Hall of Cheraw.

The other tiny tot boys events saw Gunner Hughes win pole bending in 43.855 and he also won goat tying in 30.493 and barrel racing in 37.838. Barrett won the flag race in 31.53.

The tiny tot girls arena events had Jerni Hall win pole bending in 52.926, Delaney Bond won goat tying in 32.89 and the flag race in 24.268 and Reese Dutton of La Junta won barrel racing in 37.347.

The Sportsmanship awards were won by Kallie Yoder of Karval (tiny tot girls), Ira Crouch of La Junta (tiny tot boys), Jessie Pendleton of La Junta (junior girls), Robert Walter of Model (junior boys), Jerica Huscher of Avondale (senior girls) and Denton Dietrich of Cheraw (senior boys).

The Hard Luck cowgirl was awarded to Jaslyn Bate of Manzanola and the Hard Luck Cowboy was Cecil Walter of Model.