Music is this year's theme for Las Animas Elementary School

When the crowd gathered for the Teacher Recruitment and Retention meeting last week at the Las Animas Elementary School, the early comers were greeted with a tour of the very entertaining hallways. “We have a new theme every year,” said Principal Lana Gardner. “The custodians hate it, because they have to repaint every year.”

“Yeah, we hate it,” said a passing custodian with a big grin on his face. Maybe that’s why the school looks brand new, although it is actually 13 years old. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!” said one of the teachers.

There is a different theme every year. This year the theme is “Music.” The staff all works together and makes the decorations as stunning as possible. This effort exemplifies the evident team spirit that exists in this small town elementary school. Good job!