In case you haven't noticed, the VFW Post #2411 has a new face on the building.

In case you haven’t noticed, the VFW Post #2411 has a new face on the building.

The outside panels had been painted several years ago, by artist George Aan De Weil, (now deceased). The VFW Post moved into the building they now occupy in 1950 and have occupied the building for 67 years. The building was built in 1948 by J. H. Taliferro and then sold to the VFW Post. Their charter, which hangs at the post, is dated Oct. 7, 1950. The original muster date for VFW Post #2411 is March 3, 1932, according to national records. They have been in existence for 85 years!

The Post decided they needed to replace the panels and complete a facelift on the building, so they hired Dara Harvey, artist, to repaint the eight panels. Dara came highly recommended after painting the mural at the Las Animas Elementary School cafeteria. The eight panels she completed for the VFW Post include: (1) A tribute to women veterans in the Armed Forces; (2) Desert Storm; (3) Omaha Beach in WWII – Normandy, France; (4) Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima; (5) Vietnam; (6) World War I; (7) Korean War; and (8) Mexican American War.

Dara has always appreciated the service of veterans – her mom was a veteran and her dad was a World War II pilot, and she was glad to be able to help with this project. Dara was born in Breckenridge, Minnesota, and has lived in many states. She settled in the Denver area after graduating from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in art. After some personal struggles, she came to heal at the Fort Lyon Colorado Homeless Coalition, where she graduated after two years. Dara lived in La Junta for a short time and now resides in Texas. Dara enjoys all kinds of art media including painting, dolls and sculptures. Dara even painted her car in an artistic style! Dara enjoys her artistic abilities and takes pride in her artistic accomplishments. Dara is always striving to be even better and recommends everyone be true to themselves.

The VFW and VFW Auxiliary are proud that the panels are completed and the building looks awesome. This project was made possible by grants received from the VFW Foundation. Stop by the Post and thank a veteran for his or her service and enjoy the pride the veterans take in their Post.