Nieb considers appointment a great honor

In February, Gov. John Hickenlooper reappointed Cynthia Nieb to the Scenic and Historic Byways Commission to serve as the designee of the President of History Colorado State Historical Fund, and as an ex-officio member for a term expiring Jan 1, 2021. Nieb said, “I consider it a great honor to be reappointed to the Scenic and Historic Byways Commission. I am very proud of the commission. It assists the entire state with economic development and also the promotion of our historic heritage.”

The Scenic and Historic Byways Commission works with state agencies, the U.S. Forest Services, Bureau of Land Management, local byways organizations, public and private resources, to assist in the development of byways management plans. This includes interpretation, promotion and protection of distinctive byways characteristics. They also help coordinate the budgeting process and allocation of federal, state, and private funds for the purpose of byway improvement.