CSU Extensio/Experimental Station heaquarters approved

The Use by Review for a Special Use Permit requesting for Colorado State University to build a new facility to house CSU, Otero County Extension personnel and Agricultural Experiment Station staff in an Agricultural Zoned District (A-l) was heard. Director Mike Bartolo was present and said, “We believe the new building accessible to both organizations will be beneficial to all concerned, and also the young people who use the facility.”

Public Works Lex Nichols said, “There will be no need for further Use by Reviews, because we will be doing the inspections of all the buildings.” The address of the property is 27939 County Road 21, Rocky Ford, CO.

A minor subdivision was approved for splitting off a homestead of 2.75 acres from 80 acres for Applicant Jeremy Muth from the Dale E. Muth Estate. The property is commonly addressed as 22713 State Highway 10, La Junta,