New members have been selected for the council. All of the empty spots on the Bent County Council have been filled. They have been occupied by Sara Ryer and Cassidy Jagers (the new senators) and Tyler Coulter (the new treasurer).

The pickup raffle and Santa Fe trail day was discussed at the meeting, as well as the next county council activity. Volunteers from each club will be needed to help work the booth (selling tickets) at Santa Fe Trail Day and to ride in the pickup on April 27.

The council will provide supplies and each 4-H member that comes to the next meeting will plant a flower and give it to a shut-in (a disabled member in the community that doesn’t get out much) or an elderly member of the community.

Sara Ryer had the opportunity to go to the Washington Focus trip. She presented a slide show about the week long trip to the Council Members. The (approximately) 5,000 participants, 32 from Colorado, went to the Holocaust Museum, to the International Zoo, and even to a performance of “The Sound of Music."

The county t-shirt contest was not won by one club. Designs from several clubs were used in the final t-shirt design. (The winning clubs will receive a pizza party.)

The next meeting will be at the McClave Methodist Church at 6 p.m. on April 25.