This past weekend, the Las Animas Drama Class performed "How I Met Your Mummy." The play, the first in years at Las Animas High School, drew crowds at both their 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows. The drama teacher, Jenn Pointon, has been working with this class for the entire year in preparation for this night of presentations.

In summary, a museum is preparing to host a major exhibit: The Mummy Yo-Wut-Sup (Zyren Nickell). It is all framed by Dr. Dusty Bones (Breanna Hernandez) and the museum curator, Wanda (Anna Talmage) explaining to the audience how major the exhibit will be for the museum.

They hire a security guard, Melvin Tremble (Pancho Lopez), to keep the mummy safe, but it turns out Tremble is in for more trouble than he planned. Armed with a squirt gun (a real gun would immediately disintegrate all mummified relics with a single blast), Tremble must ward off robbers (Ethan Nickell and Derek Zook), up-and-coming movie producers (Jamie Baturin, Andrew Rockwell, and Donald Whattler), a nosey journalist (Azaleah Stine), and an Egyptian Priestess, Pei-Nin-Dah-Nekh (Letty Cortez).

It was a successful night for the students, and everyone got a chuckle from the series of unfortunate events orchestrated mostly by the robbers and by Melvin Tremble’s misfortune.

Mrs. Pointon does intend on continuing the drama program and looks for it to grow next year.