State fire officials are warning that continued dry conditions in the lower elevations and plains of Colorado mean that fire danger is a concern.

Experts are showing that Thursday, April 12 will be one of the worst days of the season; low relative humidity, high winds, and spiking heat will bring extreme fire danger to Colorado, specifically along the Front Range and the southern portion of Colorado.

“With the majority of fire starts being human-caused in combination with the drought conditions in Colorado, we are at increased risk of some of the largest, most damaging wildfires,” says the Division of Fire Prevention and Control Director Mike Morgan. “But by working together and doing our part, we can make our communities safer.”

DFPC is asking everyone to be extra cautious and do your part to help prevent wildfires.

Please follow these prevention tips:

- Don’t mow or trim grass on windy days.
- Ensure campfires are completely extinguished; never leave a fire unattended.
- Never pull your vehicle over in dry grass.
- Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished.
- Off-road vehicles and chainsaws should be equipped with approved and recently updated spark arresters.
- Be careful with welding equipment, and any open flames outdoors.