The spring meeting of the Southern Colorado Livestock Association (SCLA) was called to order by President Mack Louden at 2:15 p.m., Sunday, April 8 at the Hoehne Community Center, Las Animas County, Colo. Abel Benavidez, of Model, led the pledge of allegiance. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as was the treasurer’s report.

Members discussed the wildlife sanctuary to be established in Las Animas and Baca Counties which would encompass more than 9,000 acres. Kimmi Lewis made the motion, Johnnie Mayhan seconded, and the motion passed that Southern Colorado Livestock Association opposes a wildlife sanctuary in Las Animas and Baca Counties because of the potential negative impact upon livestock as well as other safety issues. 

SCLA amended the bylaws to allow policy to be set at any general meeting by a majority of members in good standing and that the President shall preside at all meetings appointing committee chair people when appropriate.

After discussion the SCLA approved the Scholarship Guidelines proposed by the Scholarship Committee (Henry Brown, Abel Benavidez, and Johnnie Mayhan).

Julie Sumpter notified members regarding the internship available through the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association (CICA) for graduating seniors. CICA Internship information is available on the CICA website.

Kimmi Lewis reported on the planning for the annual CICA convention to be held July 20 - 21 in the La Veta and Cuchara area. SCLA members were encouraged to be involved with the event. After a discussion members decided to help by providing the noon meal on Saturday. A committee was formed comprised of volunteers Karen Winford, Jamie Smith, Toyleen Louden, and Ed Hunnicutt to do further planning.

A committee was also formed to begin work on the annual SCLA Stockman’s Charity Ball held each fall.  Mack Louden volunteered to chair. Other volunteers are Johnnie Mayhan, Kimmi Lewis and Cathy Daniel. Next meeting to be held June 2 at 2 p.m. in Branson, Colo.

Rep. Kimmi, Lewis, House District 64 provided a legislative update concerning bills that were aimed at gaining some kind of oversight and transparency with conservation easements. These bills were HB18-1122, Accounting of Conservation Easements, HB18-1123, Conservation Easement Tax Credit Time Out, and HB18-1194, Conservation Easement Transparency; none of which made it out of committee. Likewise, HB18-1043 Country of Origin Recognition System (Beef COORS Bill), never made it out of committee to a floor vote.

Regardless of these setbacks, Julie Sumpter, Secretary/Treasurer, SCLA, said that great strides had been made toward educating legislators and the public about the need for Conservation Easement oversight and transparency as well as for Country of Origin labelling of beef products.

Johnnie Mayhan made the motion to adjourn by acclamation.