Bent County Commissioners met Wednesday, April 25, at 9 a.m. at the Historic County Courthouse.

Representatives from Core Civic facility (Bent County Correctional Facility) Steven Salazar and Steve Brown Jr., gave their monthly report and stated the inmate population was 1391. Crocheted blankets made by the inmates crochet class (taught by Clara Casebolt) were given to “Women of Worth” at the Ft Lyon facility. Brown stated that “Yarn donations are always needed for this class.”

They mentioned the canine-in-training will return in June, and that a class called “Parents On A Mission," lasting six weeks, is being offered for inmates who lack parenting skills.

A family reunification dinner by invitation only will be held in December. A problem exists in getting families from Denver to the prison for this event. When inmates are ready for release, either probation or parole, they are transferred to Territorial prison in Canon City a week or so before release.

A written Veteran Service Officer report was given to the commissioners. Monthly bills and payrolls were approved.

Urine screens will be done twice a month at the Community Center by the Southeast Health Group.

A reduction in maintenance fees for The HealthCare Center was submitted, resulting in an annual savings of $6,000. Snow removal will be charged at $55 an hour.

At the New Community Center, a trophy display case door was broken and the repair cost will be $226. The purchase of 100 folding chairs for the Community Center was approved at $27.30 each.

The chairs will be purchased from Total Office Solutions of La Junta. The County will purchase a new John Deere Lawnmower for $2,799 and a new 2018 Chevy half ton pickup for use by Road And Bridge Department will be purchased for $29,400 from Chuck Netherton.

The written resignation of David Roberts, county corner, was formally accepted and the appointment of Jason Nichols, as interim corner, was approved.

A problem of pigeons in the North tower of the Courthouse was brought up and different solutions will be investigated.

In response to a letter from Deb Peterson, grant writer for Boggsville, the Commissioners will write a letter in strong support of Boggsville for use with their grant applications.

Commissioner Sykes proposed that all county vehicles should display the county logo. A suggestion was made that an inventory of county owned vehicles be done as some have logos and some do not.