"Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical" is a great, good time for all. The nuns have arranged with television station WCON in Hoboken, New Jersey, to have their very own Christmas special on TV.

Sister Mary Paul, better known as Amnesia (Teagan Summers), is financing the show with her earnings from the lottery. A piece of the cross fell off and hit her on the head, bringing about forgetfulness, but also abundant good will and forgiveness (since she can’t remember, anyhow). She mistakenly refers to the show as "Ball Breakers" instead of "Nuncrackers."

Reverend Mother Sister Mary Regina (Tracey Salzbrenner) does her best to keep everyone in line with her dog-training clickers. Even Father Virgil Manly Trott (Dr. Patrick Smith) is not immune.

“Even the mice are celebrating” introduces the first appearance of the Mount Saint Helen’s Student chorus. They are a well-trained dancing group as well as a fine-sounding chorus: John (Samuel Goheen), Louise (Anya Miller), Billy/Violinist (Christian Smith Pumalpa), Maria (Mariah Gallegos), Luke (Noah Nunez Rebel), Elizabeth (Liliana Barela), Margaret (Chloe Nunez), and Frannie (Emilia Smith Pumalpa).

During the puppet show, starring Sister Mary Hubert’s (Desiree Goheen) puppet, the lights go out in the whole theater but, fortunately, come back on again through the work of the booth managers (Zach Zamora and Cameron Salzbrenner). The chorus sings God’s Little Teapot, with appropriate props.

When Mariah gets her feelings hurt, Father Virgil soothes her with a “Box Full of Love,” once given to him by his teacher, a nun, and he is accompanied by Billy on the violin. This is a touching part of an otherwise pretty slapstick play, as Father Virgil gives Mariah a hug as well as a song from his heart.

The dominance of Mother Superior is clearly shown when Sister Julia cannot be found to do the cooking show portion of the television special. So Father Virgil, much to his chagrin, has to put on an apron and do the show. He is obviously doing a very famous cook named Julia, saucing himself a little more than the goose, ending up flat on his back.

“Here we come a-waffling,” sing the nuns - “That’s Wassailing!” says Mother Superior.

The young nun, Sister Mary Robert, who sings “All I Want for Christmas Is a One Night Stand” is played by Angelica Leija. In a dance of wild abandon, she actually removes her scarf (but not the rest of her habit). And, oh yes, there is a performance of ballet, with Father Virgil wearing a tutu over his black suit.

Don’t want to give away too much! There is a commercial for Catholic Home Shopping Service with Moral Contact. Life at the Convent is pitched Men-at-Work style. The last number has the audience up and waving their hands for the rousing “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive.” Mother Superior makes them give back their winning lottery ticket, and they have given us a great holiday show!