Members of the Historic Preservation Society requested money and support from the Las Animas Urban Renewal Authority (LAURA) at a special meeting, held Dec. 4.

Restoration of the six Ionic columns at the high school, built in 1914 and owned by Bent County, was the topic of the request. The columns are made of wood and are deteriorating. If not repaired and painted soon, they may collapse.

Authority members present were Chairman John Thomas, Vice Chairman Alex Netherton, Bent County Commissioner Kim McDonnell, and Sammie George, new executive director of the Bent County Economic Foundation.

The group voted to write a letter of support to History Colorado and to provide financial assistance if approval is received from History Colorado and a budget is submitted for the project.

Thomas also gave a year-end report on the Highway 50 corridor parkway project. He told of property owners’ support and help with the project.

The five members of the Urban Renewal Authority are appointed by Mayor Jim Collins and approved by the City Council.