Acting on the request of Tri-County Housing & Community Development Corporation CEO Steve Cordova, the Otero County Board of Commissioners agreed Monday to sign the request for the agency's Development Block Grant for 2019.

The total rehabilitation grant from the Department of Local Affairs' Community Development Block Grant is $622,399, which includes $334,848 for rehabilitation, $20,000 for emergency repairs and $45,000 for replacement housing. The funds are expected to help Tri-County meet its mission of assisting homeowners who cannot afford expensive repairs.

County sales tax revenue collected for October is at a four-year high, reported County Economic Development Supervisor Danelle Berg, acting as County Administrator. In October, sales tax income was $136,145.07, which is $10,257 more than revenue collected in 2017, up 8.15 percent.

Commissioner Keith Goodwin said, “Keep up the good work, shop local.”

Berg also reported the South Central Economic Development District is interviewing for a chief executive officer and a board member. The salary and benefits offered for CEO is $70,000. Financials were approved for the Otero Partners Inc. and election of officers is coming up.

In other news:

Commissioners received and discussed bids from three companies on a six-wheel-drive motor grader and a heavy duty off-set 10-foot wing rotary cutter. The bids were presented boy Roads and Bridges Supervisor Darren Garcia. The bids on the grader were from Wagner for Caterpillar and 4 Rivers Equipment for John Deere.
For grader, Caterpillar (Wagner) bid a 12M3 AWD Base bid of $235,000. Trade in of 772CH will take off $37,000; trade in of first 143H will take off $53,000; second 143H, $61,400. A 5-year/,6000 full machine warranty will cost $18,190; 5-year/6,000 power train and hydraulic, $13,210; 3-year/4,000 power train and hydraulic, $4,460; a spare rim rear, $660; a spare rim front, $660; a Moldboard extension, $2,458. Delivery will be in 125 days. For grader, John Deere (4 Rivers) bid $275,250 on a John Deere 672GT. Trade in of 772CH will take off $48,000; trade-in of first 143H, $55,000; trade-in of second 143H, $68,000. A 5-year/6,000 full machine warranty will cost $10,500; a 5-year/6,000 power train and hyldraulic, $8,120; a 3-year/4,000 power train and hydraulic will cost $3,750; spare rim, rear, $1,890; spare rim, front, $2,245; Moldboard extension, $1,675. Delivery date is 75 to 120 days. Bidders on heavy duty off-set 10 ft. wing rotary cutter were 4 Rivers (John Deere), Wagner (CAT) and Rusler Equipment. For the John Deere R10, the base bid is $17,513.06. For the CAT, the brush hog 2810 is $15,000; the brush hog 3810 is $16,480. Rusler Equipment bid for Rhino 40105, base bid, $16,500; or brush Hog $14,750 by Dec. 31 and after Dec. 31, $15,750. Rusler’s delivery is 60 to 90 days Garcia and the Road and Bridge Department will take the bids under consideration and return their choices at the commissioners’ next meeting. Director of Human Services Donna Rohde was appointed to serve as the county’s proxy for the following Colorado Counties, Inc. committees: Agriculture, Wildlife and Rural Affairs, General Government, Health and Human Services, Justice and Public Safety, Land Use and Natural Resources, Public Lands, Taxation and Finance, Tourism, Resorts and Economic Development, Transportation and Telecommunications. The proxy is effective for any 2019 steering committee meeting when a County Commissioner, Mayor or Council Member is not in attendance. Goodwin reported the Otero Landfill will be closing out Site 1 by the end of January. Some trash has been moved to Site 2. The last annual Otero County Landfill Inc. meeting for the year is coming up. The situation is good for the landfill and revegetation agreement with Arvada, said Commissioner Kevin Karney, who is retiring from his Commissioner’s position this year. A reception for him and retiring County Clerk Sharon Sisnroy will be held following the Jan. 7 meeting of the commissioners.

Otero County offices, courts, the landfill and probation offices will close at 3 p.m. on Monday and remain closed Tuesday for Christmas Day.