It’s that time of the year where everyone reflects on the past twelve months and decides where they should make changes.

To break the exhausted routine of resolutions fading away mid-February, two gyms in Pueblo West have pitched their two cents on what people can do to keep up the healthy lifestyle.

SuperNova Fitness Center has been around for ten years, and labels themselves as a “fitness center” because of their focus on all aspects of healthy living. Though the center has over a thousand members, manager Renae Pinsanor celebrates the sense of community SuperNova has established.

“If you’ve been gone for a week, other people will be asking where you are,” she says. “Everybody is cheering each other on. We’re all here to get healthy, change our lifestyle, and be a better us.”

With that, Pinsanor and Elisia Pineda, personal trainer and front desk staff, offer several suggestions for maintaining a realistic resolution and avoiding bad eating habits over the holidays.

“Stick to a New Years resolution or plan that is small and will accomplish a short-term goal,” advises Pineda. “Remember that things take time and there are no short cuts for long-term success.”

In addition to creating realistically challenging resolutions, Pinsanor believes group training and classes can play a helpful role in keeping people accountable.

“It’s good to have someone who's going to be cheering you on and to have a buddy who will hold you to working out.”

As for Snap Fitness, which is currently undergoing a $3 million expansion to offer more classes, room, and equipment, the employees offer similar advice, reminding people to come into the gym for themselves, not for others.

“The ones who are doing it for their own health and goals are the ones who see real results and make it a lifestyle,” says Isaiah Gonzales, general manager and personal trainer at Snap. Gonzales goes on to say that commitment to fitness involves not only drive, but also a change in perspective: “The most important step of it all is realizing this is a lifestyle and not a six week challenge.”

While nutrition is a large part of any healthy lifestyle, the women of SuperNova admit that it’s acceptable to give oneself a break during the holidays.

“Mainly focus on portions,” suggests Pinsanor. “Everyone deserves to enjoy. Life’s too short!”

When it comes to portion control, Pineda recommends taking small samples of what food is available rather than eating the whole cookie, for example. Her biggest tips involve staying hydrated to avoid mistaking dehydration for hunger, and to not skip meals.

Over at Snap Fitness, operations manager, trainer, and instructor Nicolette McGehee reveals her secrets to avoid over-eating, which consists of chewing gum to limit grazing and using the European method during meals (taking small bites, setting the utensil down while chewing, and focusing on the flavors and textures of each bite).

“Don’t justify that 2019 is around the corner and that you’ll resolve to eat better” urges McGehee. “Statistically, only 8% keep that goal.”

Enforcing the lifestyle change, Gonzales encourages people to embrace healthy living year-round in order to afford cheat meals during the holidays.

“But for the people who haven’t embraced this lifestyle yet, you should be putting your focus on what you’re eating every other day of the year, not just the holidays.”

For those interested in beginning - and maintaining - their fitness journey at the start of 2019, SuperNova is waiving the initiation fee for January, and, as always, first-timers can enjoy a free day at the center. As for Snap Fitness, the gym is giving $35 credit for purchasing a $100 gift certificate, along with various discounts on MyZones. Snap is also running #SnapKicksIt, a gently used athletic gear drive, through the month of January