Bent County Sheriff Office's investigation into more than five tons of marijuana discovered in a storage locker across from Thaxton's Market on Jan. 10 is ongoing, according to Bent County Sheriff Jake Six. BCSO is working with the 16th Judicial District Attorney's Office to investigate the matter.

The bust happened in the middle of the city's efforts to do away with an emergency ordinance banning marijuana businesses from operating in Las Animas. Two days before BCSO discovered over 10,000 pounds of marijuana, Las Animas City Council conducted its first reading of the new ordinance, which is expected to pass on its second reading next month.

It is possible that the marijuana found by BCSO belongs to a resident or residents of Las Animas preparing for the city to pass an anticipated marijuana business ordinance, although Turner indicated that wasn't suspected by BCSO.

"That's not what we have determined at this time," said Turner. "I'm not saying it's not possible, but right now ... that's not what we've determined."

Turner would not rule out the possibility of the marijuana belonging to a Las Animas resident, but said that BCSO has a suspect whom they believe to be the owner of the marijuana. The suspect's name was not provided due to the ongoing investigation into the matter.

Six declined to release the name of the owner of the storage locker in which the marijuana was found on Thursday, Jan. 10. He stated that the names of the suspect or suspects and the storage locker's owner would be released "soon."