Las Animas School Board reviewed the layout for its new Student Centered Accountability Project website during Monday's school board meeting at Las Animas Junior High School.

The school district has a website domain but still needs to finalize the information to be hosted on it. Current design and layout plans have the landing page reading: "Las Animas School District: equipping students with the skills to succeed."

"That part will change," said Las Animas School District Superintendent Elsie Goise. "Right now, the health and wellness task force is working on a vision statement that's a whole-child vision statement. When that comes to fruition, that's probably what we're going to put here is that vision statement around whole child development."

Below the title, numbers one through three will be displayed vertically in blue bubble graphics. Each number will display different action steps once clicked on.

One reads: "developing critical thinking skills in students." Two displays: "developing standards and substandards." A description for the third graphic was not provided. The messages the school district ultimately goes with on the website's official launch may be altered from what they are now.

"We have about three or four weeks to get it put into the tool and get it ready to be launched out. We'd like to have some of that information for Monday night, when we have our parent meetings, to kind of show it off a little bit."

The goal with the action steps is to make them transparent and understandable to anyone who wishes to visit the site. One Las Animas resident in attendance described the intent as avoiding "teacher language."

The Las Animas School Board also approved several action items, including Policy EEAEAA-R on its second reading. The policy will require drug and alcohol testing for school bus drivers.

The board set school board meeting times for 6 p.m. the third Monday of every month at the Junior High Commons Area in the junior high school.

Two out-of-state field trips were approved, as well. High school students will travel to Oklahoma Panhandle State University on Jan. 31, and second grade students will visit the zoo in Garden City, Kan.