Bent County Sheriff's Office announced on Jan. 10 that they'd uncovered over five tons of marijuana in a storage locker in Las Animas, but little details about the discovery have surfaced since. Likewise, no update regarding a string of 19 burglaries over a two-week span in December has been provided.

The Bent County Democrat has attempted on several occasions to reach Bent County Sheriff Jake Six for details and updates about the pot bust that occurred earlier in January, and to inquire about rumors that the alleged marijuana might have been hemp, but BCSO has not responded to recent attempts at contact.

What is known about the Jan. 10 marijuana bust: BCSO partnered with 16th Judicial District's Office to investigate a report by a concerned citizen. The citizen, whose identity has not been disclosed, reportedly noticed a very strong odor.

After responding to the report, BCSO said on Facebook that officers discovered over 10,000 pounds of marijuana in a storage locker across from Thaxton's Market in Las Animas. The name of the storage locker's owner has not been revealed. BCSO last reported that they had at least one suspect and that an investigation into the matter was ongoing.

Likewise, Six has not responded to requests for information concerning the 19 homes and businesses in Las Animas that were broken into between Dec. 17 and Jan. 1, including the Las Animas City Hall and the Fort Lyon Canal Co. building, which is owned by the federal goverment.

Footage from a security camera at the local VFW Hall was provided to the Bent County Democrat by the BCSO, and Sgt. Alex Gillette said then that the man in the video is a person of interest in all the break-ins.

Six was sworn into office in early January after defeating Bradley Jones and David Foulk for the job. He replaced David Encinias, who did not seek re-election.