The Las Animas Trojan basketball teams faced tough competition this past week in Trojan Gymnasium, where they faced the Simla Bears in 2A competition, nonconference games.

The Lady Trojans had a rough go – coming out flat and struggling to climb back into contention. They fell by a significant margin: the final was 56-29.

The Lady Trojans scored five points in the first quarter; Simla scored 19.

In the second stanza, Las Animas scored another five points; Simla put 12 on the board.

In the third period, the Ladies rallied and put 10 points on the board; Simla scored 11.

In the final period, the girls scored 9 points, Simla scored 14.

The Ladies are now 1-15 overall and 0-10 in league games. Simla is 11-2 overall; 6-1 in league play.

The boys had similar struggles against Simla (9-4 overall; 4-1 in league play). The Trojans never broke into double digits in any of the four quarters, while the Bears dominated even the fourth, where they only managed 7 points.

The final score was 62-27.

The Bears outpowered Las Animas in the first quarter, putting 32 points on the board to the Trojans' six.

Things evened out a bit in the second quarter, with the Trojans putting 8 up, while Simla scored 12.

In the third period, the Trojans scored another 8 points, to Simla's 11.

In the final quarter, Simla added 7 to its score, and the Trojans added 5.

The Trojans are now 1-15 overall and 0-10 in league play.

Thursday (Feb. 7), the Trojans host the Swallows Charter Academy Spartans for Winter Sports Week.

The Trojans square off against the Spartans on Thursday night at 5 p.m.