Several weeks ago Bent County Sheriff Jake Six was interviewed and appeared on local TV channels. To me, the interest shown by the local networks and the assistance offered by other Colorado county sheriffs' offices during Sheriff Six's transition is a vote of confidence in his ability to make a change in Bent County.

One notable comment made by Sheriff Six in his TV interview involved the Fort Lyon Coalition. He stated that problems in the Denver area now exist in Bent County as a result of the Fort Lyon Homeless Shelter. In my opinion, he is absolutely correct.

I live in the Fort Lyon area and enjoy photography but no longer hike around the surrounding woods taking snapshots.

This was precipitated by my coming across an "encampment" constructed with brush, fallen trees, etc., on Federal land and serves as a gathering place for Fort Lyon residents.

I am aware the residents of Fort Lyon have problems, including drugs, or they would not be at this facility.

I wish them the best but feel Bent County residents should not have to deal with some of the issues resulting from the Fort Lyon Homeless Shelter.

Lorraine Rich