"Bent County has asked us to assist them with their mandatory review of (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program) cases," Director of Human Services Donna Rohde told the Otero County Board of Commissioners on Feb. 4.

Bent County has two CCCAP cases that must be reviewed on a monthly basis. Because of their short staff, they lack the human resources to independently review each case.

"The idea is to have a separate person, not the one that's administrating, to be doing an audit of it," said Commissioner Keith Goodwin.

DHS staff will review Bent County's two CCCAP cases each month. Bent County will pay Otero County for the time spent on the cases.

CCCAP is a statewide program that provides child care assistance to families who are working, in school or searching for employment. Anyone below 185 percent of the poverty line is eligible to apply, statewide, according to Rohde.

"We actually take everybody up to 225 percent of poverty," said Rohde. "We only have two folks who are above the 185, because the higher your income, the higher your parent fee is."