Fly Your Flag

The Las Animas VFW Auxiliary #2411 is proud to present a “Patriotic Citizen Award” to Tom Hogue, for proudly displaying the American flag 24 hours daily.

When asked why he flies the American flag, Tom said, “I am proud to be living in this country and I fly the flag for all veterans.”

His daughter, Jesslyn, a 7th grader, is also very patriotic and is glad her Dad flies the flag.

Tom’s flagpole is very unique – it flew over the Memorial School Ball Park for many years and, in 2010, when they were tearing the fence down, Tom asked if he could have it, and his wish was granted.

Tom is also big on sports, and sometimes he flies a sports flag beneath the American flag – especially Broncos and occasionally Rockies. He would like to find a Trojan flag to fly one of these days!

Thank you, Tom. We are so proud of you and many people appreciate your efforts!

Please let us know of others that fly their flag daily – there is always a great story behind patriotic efforts. We hope that this recognition will encourage others to fly their flags more often.

God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans!


Kathleen Tomlin, President

Las Animas VFW Auxiliary #2411