Bent County will compensate Otero County for its CCCAP auditing services

Otero County Director of Human Services Donna Rohde brought an extended agreement request for signature for Colorado Child Care Assistance Program reviews with Bent County to the Otero County Board of County Commissioners' Feb. 11 meeting.

Rohde introduced an initial agreement between Bent and Otero Counties at the BOCC meeting of Feb. 4. The agreement allowed Otero County's Department of Human Services to assist Bent County in reviewing CCCAP cases.

CCCAP is a statewide program that provides child care assistance to families who are working, in school or searching for employment. The program requires monthly reviews of cases, but staff involved in said cases cannot audit their own work. Because Bent County has a small staff and is unable to perform its own independent case reviews, it reached out to Otero County for assistance.

"This is identical to what we signed last time, except for it's the next year," said Rohde. "

The first agreement signed on Feb. 4 only lasts until June. The new agreement would extend Otero County's services to June 2020.

"They just wanted to partner with us," said Rohde. "We're big enough that we can do our own, but they're not big enough to do their own."

Such an agreement is common between neighboring counties, according to Rohde. Otero County will log the time spent auditing Bent County's cases and then bill them accordingly.

Otero County Commissioners approved Rohde's request to sign the agreement.