The Las Animas baseball team took to the diamond at Runyon Field in Pueblo Monday in their season opener and defeated the Center Vikings 10-0.

Led by three strong seniors in Diego Hernandez, Devon Frazier and Dylan Hogue, the Trojans look strong to start the season on the diamond.

Head coach Carl Lindauer continues his tutelage of the Las Animas squad. Along with his assistants, Jim Pryor and Cody Hines, the Trojans have a plethora of experience at their fingertips.

“The season comes down to the willingness of student athletes to get to practice both on time and ready to learn,” said Lindauer, “The coaches and I are going to put our best foot forward every day in practice and in games. With our players working hard, too, this is an equation that leads to success.”

The Trojans host the Swink Lions Saturday at Sonny Smith Field for a doubleheader slated to start at 10 a.m.