Damages, repairs and replacements of stolen items from the December Las Animas City Hall break-in will cost $9,418.31.

City Clerk Charmaine Tripp reported the items and cost at the April 9 city council meeting.

She said the city was only responsible for the deductible which was $1,000.

Tripp reported the receipt of an additional letter of intent for a proposed marijuana dispensary in Las Animasl and announced the Las Animas animal vaccination clinic will be held from 8:30 a.m. to non at City Hall Garage on May 11.

Bonnie Failing and Ed Porterfield, coordinators of the 20th annual Wellness Walk, thanked City Council for the donation of sippy cups for swag bags and explained city streets would be used for the event. The Wellness Walk is scheduled for May 11.

Executive Director of Bent County Development Foundation (BCDF) Sammie George spoke to the council on first quarter activities of BCDF including the second round table held April 4 at the Bent County Community Center. She also told council members about the disc golf equipment being installed at the Las Animas Golf Course.

Reseda Director Eric Pearson spoke about the Serenity Garden built with a grant from the Colorado Garden Association and asked the City to donate concrete and labor to complete the basketball court. Council decided to table the issue and put the request on the agenda for May’s meeting.

Rod Clodfelter, superintendent of the Municipal Light and Power Utility, talked about the damages incurred by the wind storm, March 13-14. A total of 13 poles and materials were replaced, services were reconnected after repairs by electricians, a storage shed was removed from overhead lines and security lights were repaired. The total costs, including hours of overtime, were $13,401.08.

He spoke of the possibility of finding other poles weakened during the wind storm. Lamar’s superintendent Houssin Hourieh told Clodfelter the emergency power line from Lamar suffered nine broken single poles. Lamar will replace the poles and materials with the assistant of two Las Animas linemen and the use of a bucket-truck.

The January Rate survey showed Las Animas was the 12th highest out of 62 electric utilities in the state, according to information received by Clodfelter.

The Las Animas superintendent met with Scott Herman, engineering manager of SECOM regarding the installation of fiber optics on the city’s utility poles for broadband service to local residents.

Clodfelter concluded his report with the system-wide load Kwhs comparison year-to-date. In 2018 the load was 5,678,182 Kwhs and for 2019 the load is 5,444,257 Kwhs or approximately 4.1 percent lower.

Director of Public Works, Ken Wagner, submitted his department activities for March. Six remote read water meters were installed. City crews replaced 360 feet of six-inch cast iron water main on St Vrain with six-inch PVC between First and Second Streets. Two lead service lines were replaced in that block. On Cottonwood, between 10th and 11th streets, 570 feet of six-inch clay sewer main were replaced with eight-inch PVC. Five taps were replaced in this area. Wagner was contacted by EPA regarding four structures from La Junta to be received at Las Animas Landfill.

The structures are considered asbestos waste and will be demolished the first part of May. The city charges $30 per yard for out-of-county waste at the landfill.

The Public Works Director asked permission to increase the cost of the city’s concrete work from $330 a yard for sidewalks to $350, curb and gutter from $33 per foot to $35. In the past two years, the city has had two increases in cement prices. The council approved the request.

Greg Champney, code enforcement officer, explained the enforcement policies. When a property is in violation, i.e, weeds too tall, vehicles parked on property without current licenses, junk and trash in a yard, a five day notice (door knocker) is given to the occupant/owner. At the end of five days if there is no response, a certified abatement letter is sent to the property owner and another five days from the date on the returned receipt is allowed. If no response, city contractors will clean the area and the owner billed for the cleanup costs. With other types of code violations a person may receive a court summons if no action is taken during the ten day period.

As of April 4, 17 door knockers had been issued, five abatement letters mailed and two court summons scheduled for May 13, 2019.

Clarification for marijuana zoning was tabled until the May Meeting.

The council approved the March financial vouchers and the meeting was adjourned.