Three Colorado Court of Appeals judges — Daniel Taubman, Michael Berger and Ted Tow — were in Las Animas recently to hear oral arguments in two cases.

The visit was part of a program to expose citizens — students in particular — throughout the state to the workings of the court. The Colorado Court of Appeals has 22 judges who serve in panels of three to preside over hearings.

High school students and residents of Fort Lyon were invited to attend the hearings held at Fort Lyon. This spring, a panel of three appeal judges held hearings in Trinidad and Las Animas as part of the Courts in the Community.

The hearings are actual cases with practicing attorneys. One case was a medical malpractice appeal and the other a department of corrections prisoner who assaulted a correctional officer. After the cases were heard, the audience was allowed to ask questions. The panel of judges did not render a decision at the hearings but will give their decisions in a few weeks.

Students from Las Animas and McClave high schools attended the morning hearings, followed by lunch at Fort Lyon with the judges.