Statewide conditions

With the recent precipitation and warmer weather patterns, CPW has seen flows on most of the rivers, creeks, and streams across the state have increased substantially over the last week. There are some waterways that were flowing really low that have benefited from the bump in flows, while others are becoming tough to fish.

Anglers are encouraged to check the most up to date flow data before planning an outing.

Smaller streams on the Front Range are still flowing at near optimal rates and the fishing has been consistent was we continue deeper into spring.

Other waterways such as waters in the southwest corner of the state are really starting to get high flows that can make wading and fishing very difficult and sometimes dangerous.

With increased snowpack compered to this time last year, runoff season is expected to last for quite some time with consistent high flow rates.

Another good option this time of year is to look toward tailwaters as places to fish that may be flowing at a more manageable rate due to dams being able to control outflow.

Conditions report - southeast Colorado

Arkansas River - Lake Pueblo (Fremont and Pueblo Counties)

As of May 10, flows have more than doubled in the last week as releases from the reservoir have been increased in preparation for spring runoff.

The high flows are making fishing very difficult. Anglers that are fishing are having success on larger profile lures. Spin casters are throwing jerk baits and doing fair. Fly anglers are bumping up size and weight using stonefly nymphs to have the most success. Flows: 611 CFS (5/10/2019)

Lake Pueblo (Pueblo County)

As of May 9, water temperatures are reaching the mid 50s. Water clarity on the east end of the reservoir is good, with anglers reporting 8-10 feet of visibility.

With the warming water temperatures, the bite for walleye using paddletail swimbaits on underwater points. The bass are sliding shallow for the spawn and can be caught currently on a wide variety of baits. Anglers have also reported success targeting crappie in shallow water near submerged brush or trees.

Be sure to check the 2019 Fishing Brochure for updates on the new Pueblo Specific Regulartions for 2019. Boat ramp/inspection station hours are currently 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Arkansas River Buena Vista to Canon City (Chaffee and Fremont counties)

As of May 9, water temperatures are getting up to 50 degrees. The flows have decreased over the last week. With the recent slight drop, clarity of the river is getting better.

Caddis have been seen hatching with the warming weather, however, the recent cooler weather has slowed caddis hatches.

The blue winf olive hatch is still going well during this time of year, and anglers have had success catching fish on blue wing olive dry fly patterns. When the fish are not feeding on dreied, golden stonefly nymphs have been productive for catching fish. Flows: 650 CFS (5/9/2019).

Trinidad Lake State Park (Las Animas County)

As of May 10, the lake is 783 acres with a surface elevation of 6,189. Boaters are having excellent success catching trout.

Trolling with worms or spinners seems to be the way to go to rig. Only a few reports of walleye caught in the shallow areas. The walleye fishing should continue to improve as the water warms. Water clarity is slightly off color die to recent snow melt and rain.

The boat ramp is open, inspection hours are from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. If there is not an inspector at the ramp, please call the ranger cell phone numbers at (719) 859-0480 or (719) 989-7194 or the visitor center at (719) 846-6951 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Adobe Lake Reservoir (Bent and Kiowa counties)

As of May 7, anglers fishing from boats are having success catching crappie. Baits and lures that have been consistent producers are small crankbaits in bright colors, small jigs with curly tail grubs, and also minnows fished below a bobber. Shore anglers are having success catching some wiper, catfish and drum on a wide variety of presentations.

John Martin Reservoir (Bent County)

As of May 7, white bass and crappie are biting well by the dam and by the trestle. Anglers are having luck using spinners and various hardbaits. Some luck is being had using live baites such as minnow and crawfish, but artificial baits are yielding better results.

Lathrop State Park (Huerfano County)

As of May 9, shoreline fishing is available on both Martin Lake and Horseshoe Reservoir. Fishing has been picking up and is expected to get much better over the next week as the weather stabilizes and warms.

North Gateway Park (Prowers County)

As of May 7, anglers continue to have a lot of luck catching trout on verious types of bait. Crappie are starting to bite, along with an occasional walleye. No reports of catfish yet.

For updated updates in locations across the state, go to the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife at